Sunday, September 18, 2005


If you try to beat Bamsham in title defense mode without using my strategy, then just save yourself the trouble and erase your file now.

Don't worry it's not thta hard, all you have to do is...

When the fight begins, hold your fists up and util they charge(this should block him when he paws you)
When you do this, he will be forced to wind up for a low punch, when he does, quickly lower your fists and block
him, then quickly alternate punch him (leftrightleftright). Repeat, If you good enough you can beat him as easily as Pagero.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


You didn't think you were done did you?
You still need to protect your title as the ultimate teleroboxer!
This is a marathon of random boxers who already start in pinch mode( geez I hope you don't end up fighting Bamsham)!
Lose once and your retired permenantly, ( your file will be locked out ) so DON'T LOSE

Good luck you're gonna need it...

Or not... heck you are! If you lost once and beat the game then you should just erase that file now.
(trust me that file is useless now)

But if you were good enough to beat the seven teleroboxers with being defeated,
then you will face the real champion.

To beat this strange, mysterious teleroboxer (hint: your going to be in a literal cat fight)
you need to be extremely quick (quick as in cat like reflexes, OK i'll stop)
he starts out with a pretty basic attack pattern, but then when he's almost down,
he will start to pounce and scratch you, don't let him because it takes away one fifth of your energy.
Defeat him and your the teleroboxer champion!

Beat tukikage

Being a ninja he's very tricky, so be freakin quick!
you defeat him easily by hitting him in the gut
(MORE gut hitting!?) but when he disapears or uses
a ninja illusion, stop hittig him and be on your guard.
Beat him and Congrats, you are the champion...

Beat ikanger

This ones really hard, but he does have a wekness
(cough hit cough little cough joey cough)
sometimes little joey will make a weird laughing noise
when you hear this you need to block low
(his attack is aimed for your gut and is long so you can
charge up for a machine gun punch) then attack him.

Beat prin

It took me a while to beat this one but
found out that all you have to do is just constantly
punch her in the gut, this will prevent any attack except
her slap attack(so when she winds up, you need to block

Beat bomkun

You have to beat bomkun in 50 seconds or he will explode
therefore killing you instantly.
But don't worry, he's a wimp,
you just have to block then attack him with a rapid uppercut
also when you just have 10 seconds left bomkun will freeze
and be completely vulnerable so do your attacks quickly.

Beat dorihey.

You can't hit his gut so hitting him there is a big waste of time.
you need to pretty much block then hit, but he'll start to drill in to you
(always aimed for you head.) so you need to block with both fists.
dorihey has high armor so it will take a while to defeat him.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Beat Spokong in Teleroboxer

Just block then punch him.
When he's almost defeated he will lower his head down to his gut.
Just block then quickly punch his head.
Remember: when he jabs* his head will be low(* ya know, straight punches)
When he hooks or uppercuts, his head will be up
Remember ya have to punch quickly after you block him.

If your wondering why I skipped the first teleroboxer, it's because if you can't beat him without help you probably
couldn't beat this game at all (trust me)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Whoo hoo! Walkthrus!

Stuck in a corner? I can help!
You will get extensive walkthrus that will not leave any secret out.
(But if I do please notify me[reply to this message])